Lap Appendicectomy

Appendicitis treatment using Lap appendicectomy

Appendix is a small tube about 4 inches long positioned on the large intestine near  the joint of large intestine with the small intestine. Swelling of appendix is known by the medical term appendicitis.  Very severe abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea are the common symptoms.  Increase in the swelling of appendix can cause its rapture which is very mortal. Hence treatment for appendicitis cannot be delayed and the only possible remedy for appendicitis   is the removal of appendix through open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. Surgery may be needed if tumor or cancer is noticed in the appendix. In minor cases only appendix is removed. But if the tumor is large or is extended removal of some portion of the colon will also be necessitated.


Usually when appendicitis is diagnosed doctors opt for quick surgery to be safe from the danger of rupture of the appendix which can be mortal. If an abscess has developed in the appendix, then the fluid and puss in the abscess are removed first. At a later state the removal of appendix is performed.  For traditional surgery an incision of 6 inches is made in the abdomen and the surgery is carried out. It takes approximately 12 hours for the patient to get moving after the surgery.

In laparoscopic surgery only three or four small incisions of the size 1 cm to 1.5 cms are made. The laparoscope and the instruments for the surgery are inserted through these incisions and the surgery is done by the surgeon by viewing the video images taken by the laparoscope in the monitor placed near the operation table. In laparoscopic procedure the incisions are very small and the recovery time is very less. So the patient will be able to resume his work within two or three days after the surgery.

 After reaching home if you feel severe pain or nausea or vomiting sensation or if puss is seen in the wound then you have to intimate this matter to the surgeon immediately and undergo appropriate treatments as may be insisted by the surgeon.


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