Gastroenterologist in Madurai

Date :2016-04-01

Nowadays gastrointestinal problems or diseases are increased due to our changing lifestyle and food habits. Gastroenterology is a branch which helps us to diagnose or rectify these types of problems… Gastroenterology is a field in medical science that deals with the disorders or defects of stomach and intestines. The areas in human body where gastroenterology addresses includes stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile duct and liver. The functioning of entire digestive system includes digestion, absorption and elimination are all come under the gastroen

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Knee Replacement in Madurai

Date :2016-01-25

Knee replacement The knee prosthesis is the replacement of the superficial component of the joint. That which is removed is only the final part of the bone and is performed with the special masks, designed by engineers, that are applied on the bone surfaces. In this way the squares are made ​​by cutting, only and exclusively, the damaged portion of the bone. The final result will be to encapsulate, replacing it, the joint surface with two metal components, for what concerns the femur, which will float on a plastic component (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), at the level of th

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Multispeciality Hospital in Madurai

Date :2016-01-08

Find The Best Multispeciality Hospital in Madurai   Guru Hospital in Madurai is the best Multispeciality Hospital in Madurai which offers best medical services in the field of infertility and cancer care.  Guru Hospital also provides various health care programs which includes cancer screening, well women health check up, child health check ups etc. Cancer and infertility are the serious problems affecting majority of population. These health issues  became very common due to the eating habits, smoking, radiation ie, UV rays from sun. Cancer Cancer is the disease w

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Vascular Surgeon In Madurai

Date :2015-12-22

Vascular surgery is the procedure of managing the vascular system or arteries and veins with medical therapy and surgical reconstruction.It includes the treatment of blood vessels excluding the blood vessels from the heart.Blood flow can be restored to an area in the body after trauma, which is done by the vascular surgeons. Vascular Conditions Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm(AAA) is the situation caused by the weakening of abdominal aorta due to its expansion or bulging. Aorta tends to bulge due to the blood pressure passing through the aorta. Due to AAA, the aorta is stretched behind its

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Multi Speciality Hospital in Madurai

Date :2015-12-03

Guru Multi Speciality Hospital in Madurai is a 100 bedded hospital with a advanced technologies. Guru Hospital have well qualified surgeons,nurses 24/7 services to the patients to get the best attention. We are growing up to becoming one of the first – class multi speciality hospital in India for cancer care, infertility, ENT, Dental, Vascular Surgery. Our Main Specialties : Extensive Diagnostic Center Surgical Intensive Care Unit 4 operation Theaters Central Sterile Services Department Blood Storage Unit 24/7 Trauma Care and Ambulance Services Cathla

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Weight Loss Treatment in Tamilnadu

Date :2015-11-12

Guru Hospital Madurai offers Weight Loss Treatment in Tamilnadu .Obesity is one of the problems that is faced by most of the people nowadays due to the unhealthy food habits. If a person is obese, if his body mass index exceeds 30. The Body mass index means it calculated by dividing the weight of a person with the square of his/her height. Obesity may seriously affect other physical functions of a person. It has a serious impact on normal functions like breathing, walking etc. In some situation, diabetes is related to obesity and this diabetes can lead to heart problems, failure of

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Cancer Treatment hospital in India

Date :2014-03-29

About Cancer As we all know, ‘cancer’ is a term that every one is afraid of. Even though there are treatments to cure it, most of us are still afraid of cancer. Cancer may affect any part of our body. Among them, breast cancer remains one of the prominent among women. Surveys have already placed breast cancer as one of the commonest cancers seen among women in India.Guru Cancer Treatment hospital in India is one of the best multi-speciality center in Asia and have treated patients from all over the world. Are you a female of above 50? If so, have you ever checked yourself for bre

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