Can food habits cause kidney stones?

Date :2021-06-29

A kidney stone is a solidified mass of minerals that is formed in the kidney. These minerals are found in the food you eat and so what you eat has a direct influence on the formation of stones. There are different types of kidney stones, each formed by different minerals. All kidney stones are crystalline are quite painful as they pass.

If you get a kidney stone once, you are most likely to get more later. Your doctor will be able to tell you what type of stone you have. You will have to modify your diet according to the type of the stone.

As a general rule, try to limit salty foods, meats and other animal protein, drink plenty of water to keep your urine diluted. This will decrease the chances of stone formation.

If you know the type of stone you have, then here is a food guide to help prevent kidney stone formation.

Calcium oxalate stones

These stones are formed when calcium combines with oxalate that is found in foods. Oxalate is found in many foods including spinach, almonds and cashews, baked potatoes with skin, beets, cocoa powder, ladies’ finger, bran cereals and shredded wheat cereals, French fries, stevia sweeteners and sweet potatoes. Limit intake of these foods to avoid stone formation. When you have these foods try to have calcium-rich foods along with them. This will prevent formation stones in the kidney.

Sodium in salt will raise the amount of calcium in your urine. If oxalate is already present in the kidney your chances of forming kidney stones are increased. So, limit intake of salt.

Animal protein increases risk of calcium oxalate stone formation. Reduce intake of meat, eggs and cheese to prevent stones.

Excess vitamin C is linked to formation of oxalate in the body. Do not take more than 500 mg of vitamin C a day.

Calcium Phosphate Stones

These crystals are formed when calcium and phosphorous combine in the urine. To prevent formation of such stones limit animal protein, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and processed foods, frozen foods and bottled colas.

Uric Acid Stones

These stones are formed if your urine is too acidic. Limit intake of animal protein, sugary drinks and alcohol.

Include lemonade etc. that are high on citrate as this helps prevent stone formation.

If you have a kidney stone, consult our experts to get the best treatment. We can also help you form a plan to prevent formation of stones in the future.


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