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Date :2014-03-29

About Cancer

As we all know, ‘cancer’ is a term that every one is afraid of. Even though there are treatments to cure it, most of us are still afraid of cancer. Cancer may affect any part of our body. Among them, breast cancer remains one of the prominent among women. Surveys have already placed breast cancer as one of the commonest cancers seen among women in India.Guru Cancer Treatment hospital in India is one of the best multi-speciality center in Asia and have treated patients from all over the world.

Are you a female of above 50? If so, have you ever checked yourself for breast cancer?! If your answer is ‘no’, its time that you have gone for check-ups. Breast cancer is said to be at more risk in older women than others. Men can also get breast cancer, but, it is very rare. In any case, it is very important to get the correct diagnosis and treatments.

Treatments and procedures are decided based on the severity of your condition. Most of the patients might be afraid of the traditional kinds of treatments and surgeries. At GURU CANCER HOSPITAL, we consider our patients as a part of our family and treat them with utmost care and concern. We knew that you are anxious about the pain and stress of the surgeries. So, we offer the latest and painless surgery for breast cancer, i.e., Breast Cancer Surgery LD Flap

We also offer other treatments and surgeries for breast cancer, such as Breast cancer removal surgery & Oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstruction. Apart from all these, we also give equal importance to other cancer treatment procedure also.

As a part of the society, we are also responsible for helping out the people in wiping out this dreadful disease. In the busy schedule, you may not be able to do much. Therefore, we request you to refer those people who suffer from the carving disease to us.


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