Cardiac surgery

Guru Hospitals is one of India's most reputable names in healthcare, supported by cutting-edge technologies and logical approaches that have transformed the lives of hundreds of people over the years. Because of its multispecialty accreditation, it offers a complete range of services across the board, along with the best methodologies for heart surgery.

Cardiac surgery: What is it?

Cardiothoracic surgery, often known as cardiac surgery, is a specialised area of the study of the heart and its related structures. It involves the application of surgical techniques in the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and management of a wide range of heart-related illnesses. Patients who are not benefiting from alternative non-invasive therapy modalities are typically advised to try this last-resort course of action. Not everyone can undergo surgery, and in order to assess your eligibility for it, you must undergo a number of tests and screenings. These procedures also aid in creating an appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

Why should you consider getting surgery at Cancer Treatment Madurai?

Cardiac surgery is a subject that is continually evolving, with new discoveries and breakthroughs appearing every minute. At Cancer Treatment Madurai, we stay current on all new developments to provide highly dependable therapies that adhere to the highest standards of precision and accuracy. A centre of knowledge dedicated to excellence and quality is the Department of Cardiac Surgery.

  • Top-notch amenities and modalities
  • The most recent technologies
  • Interdisciplinary and creative methods
  • Specialised operating rooms and Cath labs
  • Completely stocked ICUs
  • Transparency and treatment confidentiality
  • Complete dedication
  • Continually effective care

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