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Date :2021-08-05

Heart problems can be acute and sudden or chronic and long lasting. Every cardiac problem requires expert attention to prevent its deterioration into a serious condition. You will need expert care on a constant basis to manage the condition and maintain heart health. Usually, your heart condition will be diagnosed by your family doctor or a general practitioner whom you consult of a regular basis who will then refer you to a specialist.

Cardiac care is a team effort.

Comprehensive cardiac care can be provided only by a team of experts. The specialists you will need to consult will depend on your general health condition, the specific nature of your heart condition as determined by the tests, the treatments you’ve had till date and their effectiveness.

The cardiologists at Guru Hospital who will be in charge of your heart care.

General Cardiologist

You will first meet the general cardiologist who will advice the tests necessary to diagnose your heart problem. If you only require medical management, you will be in his care. He will monitor your condition during your regular check-ups and help manage your heart problem and keep your heart healthy.

Interventional cardiologist

If you have had a heart attack or if you have a heart problem that requires intervention, you will consult our interventional cardiologist. Angioplasty and stenting after a heart attack or to open blocked arteries to prevent a heart attack and correction of heart valve problems will be performed by the specialist to get your heart back in good working condition.

Cardiothoracic surgeon

Certain conditions may require open heart surgery and these are handled by our cardiothoracic surgeon. If you require a coronary bypass or heart valve surgery, surgery to treat atrial fibrillation or to close the left atrial appendage, the cardiothoracic surgeon will perform them to help you recover your heart health.


Intensivists are trained in critical care medicine. Our intensivist will monitor and manage your condition in the intensive care unit or the cardiac surgery ICU to help you through the critical phase of a cardiac emergency.


The electrical system that keeps your heart beating may develop a problem. These conditions are treated by our electrophysiologist. If you need a pacemaker or ICD implanted, an electrical cardioversion and ablation, or other procedures to treat heart rhythm problems, the electrophysiologist will provide excellent service.


Our anaesthesiologist will be an integral part of your surgical care and will assess your condition, determine the appropriate drugs to be used for your anaesthesia, administer anaesthesia and monitor you throughout your surgery and provide pain management support after your surgery.

Cardiac care and intensive care nurses provide the best support through your treatment.

Dieticians to guide you to a heart healthy diet, physical and occupational therapists to help you through cardiac rehabilitation to equip you to manage your everyday tasks, diabetes consultants to help you manage your blood sugar, and other specialists as you may need, will all be a part of the cardiac team who will work with you to keep your heart in a healthy condition.

Our cardiac team is here to provide the best support to you to get over your heart problem. Whatever your heart condition, our team is fully equipped to provide the best treatment, guidance, counselling and rehabilitation to get you back to your healthy self again. Contact us for the best cardiac care.


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