Paediatric Treatments

This branch of medicine is the single field catering to all the facets of welfare of the young ones in their developmental years including but not limited to, their physical, mental, psychological and general health in order to grow into the complete potential of a healthy adult. The population under eighteen years of age or until secondary schooling is generally considered covered under this field of medicine.

Scaling and cleaning

Scaling and cleaning process is common to maintain hygienic and healthy teeth. It is the most common technique used for periodontal disease. Plaque is a sticky substance full of bacteria which forms a coating on the rough surfaces of teeth, this hardens over time to form calculus.


Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissues owing to bacterial growth on the surface of the teeth. The cause is usually accumulation of plaque and if intervened at an early stage, gingivitis can be healed through proper good oral hygiene. Gingivitis is a precursor to the destruction and permanent damage to the gum tissues if the disease progresses to periodontitis.


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