Obesity Surgery – Gastric Sleeve Resection

Obesity is a major disease which can lead to much life threatening diseases. The ratio of a person’s weight to the square of his height is known as obesity index. When obesity index exceeds 30, it is considered to be as starting point of obesity. About 30 million people in USA are calculated to be morbidly obese. Morbid obesity leads to other deceases like kidney failure, cholesterol, hypertension etc.


Obesity has severe impact on normal physical functions like breathing, walking etc.  24 million persons in USA are having morbid obesity. Type 2 diabetes is associated with morbid obesity which can cause heart diseases, kidney failure etc. High blood pressure high cholesterol etc is some other associated diseases which can lead to many other diseases.

This is a procedure in which about 75 % of the stomach is removed so that the necessity for food intake is restricted. The person who has undergone this surgery feels his stomach is full by eating a lesser amount of food and this helps to reduce the overweight of the person. The portion of the stomach removed is that portion from where the hunger hormones are produced.  As lesser hunger hormones are produced after the removal of the stomach, the patient does not feel hungry which results in lesser food intake.

Through a small incision in the stomach the laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen. Laparoscope is an instrument with a long tube on one end of which is connected a camera with light and the other end is connected to the monitor in front of the surgeon.  The videos of the inner organs taken by this camera can be seen in the monitor by the surgeon.  The instruments are inserted through other small incisions on the stomach and this instrument’s control is in the hands of surgeon. By viewing the images in the monitor the surgeon conducts the surgery controlling the instruments by his hand.

As the incisions for laparoscopic surgery is very less this surgery can be done as a one day process. As the cuts are very small for this type of operation, the blood loss connected with this operation will be very less and the person who undergoes this surgery can go for work on the second or third day of the operation.


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