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About Madurai

Considered as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, the city of Madurai is inextricably associated with the culture and history of the state. Area-wise, it happens to be the state’s second largest city. Madurai has a great cultural heritage spanning over 2500 years old. The city is situated on the banks of the peaceful river Vaigai. Due to the large number of kingdoms that sprouted on the banks of this river, many archeological sites and temples have made this city a center of global attraction. For this reason, the city is also regarded as one of India’s greatest temple towns. The city has become tantamount to the great Meenakshi temple. Madurai is also very famous for its lush green paddy fields and the enchanting jasmine plantations. The city’s flower market is indeed a treat to watch. Patients who undergo treatment here can very well utilize the stay in this magnificent city. A ride across the city shall be indeed reviving, particularly during the post-operative days.

Fact File

Area : 248 Sq. Km
Population : 25,62,279
Altitude : 101 Meters, above mean sea level
Climate : Mild Winter and moderate Summer
Temperature : Summer – Max. 40°C / Min. 26.3°C Winter – Max. 29.6°C / Min. 18°C
Rainfall : 85.76 cm annual
Season : Throughout the Year
Rainy Season : October to December
Clothing : Tropical
Literacy : 83.19%
Language : Tamil

Places to visit

Sri Madurai-Meenakshi temple

This temple is the center around which the city has evolved. Madurai Meenakshi temple is regarded as one of the largest temples in India and one of oldest too. Several kingdoms have contributed to the development of this magnificent structure. The entire temple spans over an area of 65000sq.m. Lord Shiva along and his spouse Lord Meenakshi are the main deities in this temple. One of the main features of this temple is the hall of 1000 pillars known as the ‘Aayiramkaal Mandapam’. The peculiarity of this hall is that the pillars appear to be in straight line irrespective of the angle in which it is viewed. In addition, these pillars generate different musical note when tapped.

Thirumalai Nayak Palace

This tourist site is very near to the aforesaid Meenakshi temple. The perfectly chiseled out stuccowork on the arches & domes is its unique characteristics. Another feature is its celestial pavilion (colloquially called as ‘Swarga vilaasam’). This piece is the marvel of Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. The massive pillars & decorated arches are the other attractions.

Thirupparankundram temple

The temple is considered to be one prominent abodes of the Hindu god, Lord Subramanya. The temple is situated on a hill-top. In order to get to the top, one has to walk through the various Mandapas that are carved out of stone. Another attraction is the long stretch of 48 pillars in front of the entrance. These pillars are decorated with various carvings.

Alagar koil

Situated around panoramic surroundings, the temple of Lord Alagar (or ‘Alagar koil’) has the Hindu god Vishnu as the main deity. The temple is filled with intricate carvings on the pillars and arches. The temple is located 21km to east of Madurai.

Mariamman Teppakulam

Located about 5km to the east of Madurai Meenakshi temple is the Mariamman Teppakulam. It is a large square tank filled with pure water. It spans over an area of almost 16 acres. This is site of the annual festival to commemorate the birth anniversary of its developer, Sri Thirumalai Nayak. During the festival, deities of Hindu gods are placed a specially decorated float known as ‘teppam’. The atmosphere that is illuminated by 100s of lights and filled with fragrant flowers can be considered as a ‘scene of lifetime’.

Gandhi Museum

This museum depicts the great Indian struggle for freedom. It also houses a famous picture gallery of the Mahatma Gandhi and Gandhian movement. Excluding these, there is also a gallery describing the South Indian handicrafts industry. Surely, this place is worthy to be seen.

Important Trains at Madurai Junction

Train No. Train Name From To At Madurai Arrival At Madurai Departure Days
2636 Vaigai Exp. Madurai Chennai Egm  06.45 ALL
2635 Vaigai Exp. Chennai Egm Madurai 20.10 ALL
2638 Pandiyan Exp. Madurai Chennai Egm  20.45 ALL
2637 Pandiyan Exp. Chennai Egm Madurai 06.15 ALL
2694 Pearl City Exp. Tuticorin Chennai Egm  22.30  22.35 ALL
2693 Vaigai Exp. Chennai Egm Tuticorin 03.05  03.10 ALL
2632 Nellai Exp. Tirunelveli Chennai Egm 21.10  21.15 ALL
2631 Nellai Exp. Chennai Egm Tirunelveli 05.20 05.25 ALL
2634 Exp. Kanniyakumari Chennai Egm 21.40  21.45 ALL
2633 Exp. Chennai Egm Kanniyakumari 02.05  02.10 ALL
6731 Exp. Tuticorin Mysore 19.55 20.05 ALL
6732 Exp. Mysore Tuticorin 07.20 07.25 ALL
6123 Anantapuri Exp. Chennai Egm Trivandrum 04.25 04.30 ALL
6124 Anantapuri Exp. Trivandrum Chennai Egm 23.00 23.05 ALL
2689 Exp. Chennai Nagarcoil 06.25  06.30 Sat
2690 Exp. Nagarcoil Chennai 23.40  23.45 Sun
6787 Exp. Madurai Jammu Tawi  19.15 Mon, Fri
6788 Exp. Jammu Tawi Madurai 15.15 Thu, Sun
6340 Exp. Nagarcoil Mumbai CST 11.45  11.50 M/Tu/ W/F
6339 Exp. Mumbai CST Nagarcoil 21.35  21.45 M/Th/ F/Sa
2641 Exp. Kanniyakumari Nizamuddin 23.40  23.45 Wed
2642 Exp. Nizamuddin Kanniyakumari 03.40  03.45 Mon
1044 Exp. Madurai Kurla (LTT) 18.00 Sat
1043 Exp. Kurla (LTT) Madurai 11.45  – Sat
2666 Exp. Kanniyakumari Howrah 12.30 12.40 Sat
2665 Exp. Howrah Kanniyakumari 06.25 06.30 Wed
6352 Exp. Nagarcoil Mumbai 09.40  09.50  Thu, Sun
6351 Exp. Mumbai Nagarcoil 00.40 00.50 Thu, Mon
6127 Exp. Chennai Guruvayur 15.40  15.45 ALL
6128 Exp. Guruvayur Chennai 10.55  11.05 ALL
2662 Pothigai Exp. Tenkasi Chennai 22.05 22.10 Tue, Thu, Sun
2661 Pothigai Exp. Chennai Tenkasi 04.45 04.50 Sun, Tue, Thu
2651 Sampark Kranti Exp. Madurai Nizamuddin 23.45 Sat, Mon
2652 Sampark Kranti Exp. Nizamuddin Madurai 03.45 Thu, Sat
6715 Exp. Pothanur Madurai 05.00 ALL
6128 Exp. Madurai Pothanur 22.50 ALL


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