How to manage diabetes effectively during COVID19

Date :2021-08-05

Diabetes does not increase the risk of COVID-19, but it does increase the risk of serious complications if you do get infected. You have a better chance of overcoming the infection without any major setbacks if you have your blood sugar in control. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to severe complications, so it is best to manage your diabetes with the right approach.

Your regular schedule may have been interrupted by the pandemic and the restrictions placed on your lifestyle, but you can adapt to the new normal and ensure that you stay healthy.

Here are a few tips to keep diabetes under control during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep track of your blood sugar

Use a home test kit to keep track of your blood sugar. If there is any significant change, consult your doctor for advice.

Keep in touch with your doctor

Even if you cannot visit your doctor’s clinic, you can tele-consult your doctor. Never miss your regular check-up because they are important to assess your condition and adjust your medication and treatment for best management.

Take your medication regularly

One of the easiest ways to manage your blood sugar is to stick to your treatment plan. Take your medications as directed and on schedule. Missing them will lead to uncontrolled diabetes, which can lead to various health issues.

Exercise regularly

Staying active is vital to staying healthy. A 30-minute workout most days of the week is ideal. When you are active you can manage your weight, boost your metabolism and improve your mental health.

Pay attention to feet and legs

Take a few minutes every day to check your legs and feet for ulcers. Treating wounds when they are small is the best way to prevent major infections and complications. Wear proper footwear and keep your feet clean. If you do notice a wound, consult your doctor immediately.

Follow your diet

Your doctor would have given you a diet plan, stick to it. Don’t binge eat during lockdown to prevent uncontrolled sugar and weight gain. Include fruits, vegetables and whole grain in your diet and avoid foods high in starch and sugars, and processed foods.

Manage other chronic conditions

If you have high blood pressure, cholesterol or a heart condition, manage them with the right treatment.

Protect yourself from infection

Strictly follow the guidelines of the government. Wear a mask, maintain social distancing, wash hands frequently, disinfect frequently touched objects and stay home when there is no need to go out. With these measures you will reduce your risk of infection.

Stay positive

Pandemic realities may be hard to accept, but they cannot be ignored. Stay in a positive frame of mind by taking steps to avoid infection and ignoring matters over which you do not have control. If you feel you are getting depressed and anxious, talk to your family or friends and if this doesn’t help, consult a mental health specialist.

Diabetes requires constant monitoring through periodic check-ups. Consult our diabetologist for the best treatment for diabetes. Our comprehensive services include advanced treatment, lifestyle and diet counselling, multispeciality services to tackle complications due to diabetes and surgery for treatment of diabetic foot. Consult our experts for the best management of diabetes during COVID-19.


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