Lap. Ovarian Cyst removal

Cyst is a collection of liquids covered by a thin skin found inside an ovary. Cyst formed in connection with menstrual cycle is included in the category of functional cyst. Some may not be intended for any functional purpose and may cause inconvenience and pain to the person. Such cysts need a close examination and this can be done through a laparoscopy or through an open surgery. If there is any doubt about the infliction of cancer, then it is better to do an open surgery since the surgeon will be able to have a clear vision of the internal organs which will help him to reach proper conclusions. By surgery ovarian cysts can be removed without causing any problem to the fertility   of the person. But in the case of suspicion of cancer both the ovaries are removed.

 Lap ovarian cyst removal surgery is done under general anesthesia. After laparoscopic surgery you will be normal within 24 hours. No activities involving strain should be done at least for one week.

 Surgery for removal of cyst is done if the growth is large or if the growth is having more mass. In the case of a woman who never had  menstrual periods and in the case of a cyst which is not reducing even after two three months of medication  surgery is  the only cure available. Suspicion of an ovarian cancer is also a reason for the removal of ovary through surgery.

Through small incisions, laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen of the patient. This is an instrument with a long tube. A video camera with light source is connected to one end of this tube. The other part of this tube is connected to a monitor placed in front of the surgeon.  Through other three small incisions instruments needed for the surgery are inserted into the abdomen   of the patient and the surgery is performed by the surgeon by operating the remotes controls of the instruments and seeing this action through the video. The cyst is removed out through the tube of the scope.


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