Painless Paediatric Urology Treatment

Paediatric Urology is a surgical specialty that deals with children's genitourinary tract problems and congenital abnormalities. Paediatric urologists treat newborns, infants, and adolescents. Paediatric urology is concerned with urological diseases or genital anomalies in children. Paediatric urology encompasses all surgical services for genitourinary disorders. The most prevalent diseases seen in paediatric urology are related with urination, reproductive organ, and testicular abnormalities.

Paediatric Urologists: Who are they?

Paediatric urologists are specifically trained doctors who treat children's genital and urinary problems. Children may frequently have urethritis or experience abnormalities or genital or renal issues. Paediatric urologists have specialised training in handling youngsters with care when addressing such conditions. Children find it difficult to express their problems, especially when such issues involve their genitalia or urinary systems.

Sometimes urological or genital issues, such as abnormalities in kidney function or the genitalia, can be detected during a prenatal ultrasound and may need to be treated after delivery. If your child has any such condition, you should speak with your paediatrician to see whether you need to take them to a paediatrician.

What kinds of medical care do paediatric urologists offer?

  • Evaluation and treatment of surgically treatable urinary tract infections, vesicoureteral reflux, and voiding disorders
  • Surgical repair of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder, as well as impairments of sex development, genital anomalies, and hypospadias
  • Surgery for children who have varicocele, hydrocele, or undescended testes Evaluation of kidney stone disease and surgical treatment
  • Surgical treatment for kidney, bladder, and testicular tumours and cancers
  • Assessment and treatment of urological issues discovered before delivery
  • Assessment and treatment of urinary tract issues brought on by neurological diseases

Cancer Treatment Madurai specialises in treating genital and urinary disorders in newborns, young children, and adolescents. When you choose Cancer Treatment Madurai you collaborate with a number of experienced paediatric urologists who have many years of experience treating and managing a variety of disorders. Furthermore, they use cutting-edge technology to diagnose, treat, or establish an appropriate treatment plan


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