Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery can be performed to address a wide variety of diseases from the top of the head to the tip of the toe, and from newborn babies to the very elderly. It is done to fix and reshape bodily structures that have been damaged by diseases, tumours, infections, trauma, developmental abnormalities, birth defects, and developmental abnormalities.

Plastic surgeons repair damage mostly by moving tissue from one area of the body to another using a wide range of reconstructive procedures. Their primary goal is to normalise the body or a certain body part's function.

What issues and conditions are addressed by reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is used to address a wide range of problems that are classified as congenital or acquired:

  • Congenital

Congenital conditions are ones that exist from birth.

  • Acquired

Acquired conditions are those that occur or develop after birth. They can be caused by sickness and infection, or by an accident and injury.

How does reconstructive surgery actually work?

During reconstructive surgery, tissue from one area of your body is usually used to rebuild another. After head and neck surgery, your jawbone's shape, for example, could change. In order to reconstruct your jaw, the surgeon might need to remove some bone from your leg. Both the functionality and contour of your jaw will be restored.

The term for this form of surgery in medicine is "autologous reconstruction." Thus, the tissue that was used during the treatment is anatomically your own. Such reconstructive procedures are fairly prevalent.

The surgeon's assessment of a case

The procedure you go through will be highly individualised, much like the problem you want to solve. Your surgeon will obtain a thorough medical history before evaluating your case in light of the results you hope to achieve and the necessity of the treatment.

Our Approach

Our specialists at the Guru Hospitals offer cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Every day, people talk with our surgeons about changing their appearance for personal reasons or as a result of cancer or major injuries, or both. Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with personalised attention and dependable care while walking you through the entire procedure.

At the Guru Hospital, we perform reconstructive and cosmetic procedures using cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our surgeons are aware of your desires and preferences. Using cutting-edge computer modelling, we show you the probable outcomes of your chosen plastic surgery treatment. Contact our experts today!


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