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Guru Hospitals provides skilled evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for stones in the bladder, kidney, and ureter. We are dedicated to providing excellent services while upholding integrity and compassion.

Our staff includes urologic surgeons, nephrologists, radiologists, geneticists, and dietitians who are all nationally recognised. We offer a comprehensive range of therapies, including screening exams, diagnostic imaging (including ultrasound), second opinions, cutting-edge treatment options, and long-term follow-up care

Quick diagnosis and treatment

We offer same-day consultations in order to obtain a diagnosis as promptly as possible. Our cutting-edge diagnostics centre provides same-day testing and scans, and an experienced neuroradiologist is on hand to provide a timely report on your scan results.

Kidney stone treatments

Our team conducts an assessment that finds any anomalies linked to recurrent stone formation in patients with recurring stones. Depending on the results of our evaluation, we may either propose dietary changes or prescribe drugs to lower the risk of recurrent stone formation.

We provide cutting edge minimally invasive methods to remove existing stones for patients.

Our experts use ureteroscopy with laser lithotripsy to remove stones that have been stuck in the ureter. This surgery involves inserting a small scope through the bladder and into the ureter, where a laser is used to break up the stones. Small to medium-sized kidney stones can also be treated by ureteroscopy, which involves sending a scope up the ureter into the kidney, using a laser to cut the stones into pieces, and then removing the fragments.

Larger and more intricate stones necessitate percutaneous nephrolithotomy, a treatment in which a larger telescope is introduced directly into the kidney through a tiny incision in the back. By using ultrasound to break up the stones, the doctor can see them, remove all the pieces, and then reassemble them

A phone call is where it all begins. Speak to a urology-trained healthcare professional immediately once if you have flank pain without a fever, a history of kidney stones, or if you feel that your pain or discomfort could be brought on by a kidney stone.


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