Guru hospital patient, speaks about her experience (embryo transfer) with Dr.B. Kalpana

Here Raj Gopal and Kavitha Rani discuss how they got 3 children with the help of Fertility Specialist Dr.B. Kalpana after 11 years.

Here the couple discuss how they got pregnant with the help of Fertility Specialist, Dr.B. Kalpana after 10 years.

Here the couple discuss how they got child with the help of Fertility Specialist, Dr.B. Kalpana after 8 years.

Here three satisfied patients discusses their pleasant experience with Dr.B. Kalpana at her fertility treatment center in Madurai.

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A huge relief from tumor

Mrs. Nirmaladevi , a 42 year old female, hailing from Sivakasi, was suffering from abdominal pain for more than a month. She was evaluated at a private hospital in Sivakasi and planned for surgery. During surgery since the tumor was found to be huge, adherent to adjacent organs and advanced instrumentations were not available, they found it difficult to resect and she was referred here for expert management. Here, at Guru Hospital, Madurai, Leaded by Dr.S.G.Balamurugan , Surgical Oncologist, a team of doctors including Dr.B.Kalpana, Obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr.Sekaran, Professor of General Surgery, Dr. Rajkumar, Medical Oncologist and Dr.Gurumoorthy, General Surgeon, evaluated the patient thoroughly with blood investigations and CT scan.

Scan revealed a huge tumor measuring around 35 x 25 x 15cm in the abdomen. She was taken up for surgery .During surgery this large tumor was found arising from the urinary bladder, closely adherent to uterus. Challenges faced by the team were to completely remove the tumor while carefully preserving the bladder and uterus; meticulous surgery was done over 5 hours dissecting the tumor safely from the urinary bladder and uterus. The tumor which was successfully removed weighed 5.5kg. The patient recovered well postoperatively. The final biopsy was reported as Leiomyoma of urinary bladder which is a rare tumor arising from bladder occurring in 1in 1 million population. Inspite of its large size and close proximity to vital organs, the experienced dedicated team made it possible to safely resect the tumor by a meticulous tedious procedure.

Mrs. Nirmaladevi

At the age of 42 gave birth , thanks to Guru Hospital in Tamil Nadu , India

After 9 years of Marriage we were blessed with a baby , within one month of IVF Treatment in Tamil Nadu , thanks to Dr.Kalpana

Even after 9 years of marriage I was not able to conceive and we took treatment from various hospitals in Tamil Nadu but there was no result , then we came to Dr.kalpana Madam who advised to do IVF Treatment in Tamil Nadu  from  Guru Hospital and within one month we were blessed with a baby.I would like to thank Dr.kalpana along with all the staffs and nurses who took ample care of me  and i was very happy with facilities at Guru Hospital.


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