Uterine polyps and Uterine fibroids removal using Hysteroscopic polypectomy procedures

Endometrial polyp is a mushroom like growth inside the lining of the womb projecting to the uterine cavity. This causes heavy bleeding through the vagina, pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse. Polyps are usually found during an ultrasound scan. Even though they are benign tumors they have to be removed to make sure that the danger has gone. D & C is the usual method followed by many physicians to remove polyps. But they are often missed than removed. And the procedure is again repeated. If detected in the early stage polyps can be controlled by medicine. But if it is not in the initial stage the only possible and definite cure for polyps is its removal through polpectomy.

The patient who is undergoing this surgery has to make sure that she is not in the early stages of pregnancy even to avoid complications during surgery. So she has to use some contraceptives if she engages in sexual intercourse after the last menstrual period before the date appointed for the surgery.

When you are under anesthesia, the legs are placed in stirrups and a solution containing iodine is used to cleanse your vaginal area. A speculum is inserted into your vagina and is held under proper position using a clamp. A resectoscope which is a specialized instrument used for cutting the polyps is inserted through the vagina slowly. With this instrument the inside of the uterus can be inspected, the area where polyps are growing can be identified and they can be cut with an electrode provided for this purpose.

 After cutting the polyps and controlling the bleeding the patient will be transferred to the recovery room. It takes about 45 to 50 minutes to complete this procedure. After completing the surgery the patient is taken to the recovery room. You will be removed from the recovery room to your room after about 60 to 75 minutes. You will be discharged from the hospital on the same day depending upon your general health condition. If you are discharged on the same day you may feel unsteady as it takes 24 hours to be free from the effects of anesthesia.


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