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Date :2015-12-22


Vascular surgery is the procedure of managing the vascular system or arteries and veins with medical therapy and surgical reconstruction.It includes the treatment of blood vessels excluding the blood vessels from the heart.
Blood flow can be restored to an area in the body after trauma, which is done by the vascular surgeons.

Vascular Conditions

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm(AAA) is the situation caused by the weakening of abdominal aorta due to its expansion or bulging. Aorta tends to bulge due to the blood pressure passing through the aorta. Due to AAA, the aorta is stretched behind its safety margin. An aneurysm can cause rupture or burst. A ruptured aneurysm results in internal bleeding. The after effects of a ruptured aneurysm can be shock or even death.

Aortoiliac occlusive disease is caused by narrowing the iliac arteries. The amount of blood and oxygen which legs require can be reduced with the occurrence of this disease. In some cases, the arteries become narrow due to plaque and this is known as atherosclerosis.

Vascular Treatments

Vascular treatments include

  • amputation
  • angioplasty stenting
  • carotid stenting

During amputation, the part of the limb which causes infection to the body is being removed by the surgeon. Angioplasty stenting is a procedure of inflating a small balloon to the interior of the blood vessel. This is being done by a vascular surgeon. Carotid stenting is a treatment strategy which includes the insertion of a stent, is a metal mesh tube by a vascular surgeon for increasing the blood flow inside the carotid artery. It is possible by expanding the stent to the interior of the carotid artery.

Benefits of Vascular Surgery

  • Measure the blood flow inside the blood vessel
  • Angiography is used for finding arterial occlusive disease
  • The mean arterial pressure divided by mean arterial flow called Peripheral resistance can be measured
  • Femorotibial bypass grafting is performed for intra-operative control

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